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Why Venlo? Venlo has everything you need! Location, infrastructure, educational level of the people and much more. These are all reasons for companies to set up their operations in Venlo.
What also helps is that Venlo welcomes you – not least if you’re a company that wants to set up a base here. The municipality of Venlo has a proactive approach to getting new companies started, and provides support, advice and mediation, helps establish contacts, provides facilitation and ensures that planning procedures are handles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As well as that, a business location in Venlo offers three extra advantages that shouldn’t be underestimated:  

No piling

Significantly lower building costs

All of the large business and trade parks in Venlo and the surrounding area are located on sandy ground, which is dry and has a high load-bearing capacity.

This makes it ideally suited for building work. No piledriving is needed for the foundations of buildings, in contrast to many other areas in the Netherlands. This means that building costs are up to tens of euros per square meter lower than in the west of the Netherlands!

Logistics hotspot Venlo is ranked highest in a survey of logistics locations in the Netherlands carried out by Bouwgrond.nl. This high rating is due primarily to the extremely low foundation costs in Venlo of only 1 euro per square meter for the foundations of a distribution center or warehouse.

Geothermal energy

Environment-friendly and cost-efficient heating

The geological conditions in large parts of the Venlo area enable the use of geothermal heating.

Wijnen Squarecrops, a trading company in bell peppers with 60 hectares (148 acres) of greenhouses, and two other large horticultural companies in the nearby Californië horticultural area of Trade Port North, are already using geothermal heating to meet their energy needs. This saves millions of cubic meters of natural gas and gives a huge reduction in CO2 emissions, resulting in a reduced CO2 footprint.

Research is currently being carried out into how geothermal energy can be used for heating, or for cooling in the summer, of large business and trade buildings on Trade Port North. That means lower energy costs, and as a result lower operating costs, as well as making an important contribution to sustainability.


Inland data port

Companies that need excellent data centers with high-capacity data links and high‑speed cross‑border connections will find the data infrastructure they need in Venlo.

Systemec has two data centers in Venlo connected by a dark-fiber link to a third data center which the company operates just over the German border in Nettetal. Because the distance between the data centers on both sides of the border is less than 7 km, Systemec benefits from two separate energy networks without any delays in data transmission.

Through its location and connection to the London–Berlin and Frankfurt–Amsterdam digital highways, Venlo is an important inland data port for (cross-border) data traffic, offering maximum levels of connectivity and redundancy.

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