Ecor moves its R&D in Venlo to a larger building

Ecor moves its R&D in Venlo to a larger building

ECOR moves its R&D department in Venlo to a larger building


ECOR recently moved its research & development center in the Netherlands from Noorderpoort 30 to a larger building on Laurens Janszoon Costerstraat, also on the Noorderpoort business park.


ECOR develops and produces environment-friendly composite panels made by compressing cellulose fibres at high temperature. The cellulose fibres that are used for the production are made from recycled corrugated cardboard, newspaper and other waste paper, wood waste from forestry, agricultural and even slaughterhouse waste.


ECOR produces its Niaga® Ecor® Panels (NEP) as uni- or multiplex panels of varying thicknesses and with different profiles. The panels are supplied in a wide range of colours and if required treated, for example to make then fire- or moisture-resistant, or to give them specific acoustic properties. The Niaga® Ecor® Panels are an alternative for MDF or particle board, and the material can be used for thousands of environment‑friendly, non-toxic, clean and healthy, recycleable products.


“The municipality of Venlo is proud of the new ECOR location, where as well as their R&D they also intend to start the production of their sustainable panels in the near future”, says Ellen Berkvens, economic advisor of the municipality of Venlo. “The new ECOR location on Laurens Janszoon Costerstraat is yet another significant step for circular innovation in Venlo.”