In-depth Cradle to Cradle know-how

C2C ExpoLAB was set up to spread Cradle to Cradle thinking and to put it into practice. Its most important goal is to embed the ideas of an innovative, circular economy in all layers and sectors of society – and not least in business, industry and education.

C2C ExpoLAB aims to inspire and to encourage, but also to offer problem-solving solutions. Businesses are supported in their planning by C2C ExpoLAB itself or by others from the lab’s extensive network. The region has now built up a number of successful Cradle to Cradle applications.


Kazernestraat 17
5928 NL Venlo
Tel. +31 (0) 77 396 8007

A circular city office

Practice what you preach!

The Municipality of Venlo is working to broaden and deepen acceptance of Cradle to Cradle principles in Venlo. So it’s logical that those principles have also been applied in the building of the new city office. The result is a building that is healthy, future-proof and self-sufficient in energy. Its features include a solar chimney that provides natural ventilation, and a green wall that improves the air quality inside, but also outside, the building. All materials used in the new building have been tested for toxicity. As well as that, the building also serves as a material bank – everything can be re-used at a high quality level.