Venlo has a varied employment market

Finding good people is a vital success factor

The employment market in Venlo is very varied. There are people working in services, manufacturing and high-tech industry, transport and logistics, retail, agrofood, healthcare and many other fields.

The emphasis is on the spearhead areas of logistics, agrofood, and manufacturing and high-tech industries. There is ample availability of well qualified people in Venlo, from vocational and technical college education right up to graduate level. Venlo also offers a wide range of educational facilities, with the focus on meeting the needs of the spearhead sectors. And as well as a wide choice of educational facilities, Venlo has numerous companies and organizations offering HR and recruitment services.

Among the leaders in manufacturing and high-tech industries
In terms of the number of people employed in industry out of the total workforce, Venlo takes fifth place among the fifty largest towns and cities in the Netherlands. And as far as knowledge-intensive industries are concerned, Venlo holds an even stronger position: the city takes the no. 2 place in terms of jobs in knowledge-intensive industries.

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