Spearhead in logistics

Managing goods flows

Logistiek.nl, the leading website for logistics professionals in the Netherlands, has made a ranking of logistics hotspots each year since 2005. In the latest ranking in May 2015, Venlo was once again – for the eighth time in 11 years – ranked as the most important logistics hotspot of the Netherlands.

Venlo is the leading inland port – or ‘extended gateway’ – for Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Huge volumes of goods find their way via Venlo to the Central European hinterland. This makes Venlo Europe’s most important growth region in terms of logistics.

The ideal location, the excellent accessibility by road, rail and inland waterways, and the ample availability of space for large warehousing complexes are all unique advantages of Venlo. Even more important is the fact that the required knowledge and expertise are available here for efficient management of goods flows. As well as that, Venlo offers all the required supporting services, from customs facilities to logistics education right up to graduate level.


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